About Me

Well, as the blog suggests, I am a busy runner. Let me elaborate.

I currently juggle two jobs and typically work 6 days a week about 45-50 hours, plus some undocumented work at home and reading work emails while stopped at red lights. Don’t judge me!

I am a runner, which simply means I run. I am not fast when you look at the spectrum of paces, but a middle of the pack runner who enjoys half marathons, trail running, setting/reaching goals and helping others with their running.

I started running in 2009/2010 as my soccer days began to fade. I ran my first race in 2010 (a 6k), my first half marathon in 2012 and my first full marathon in 2014. I started pacing races in 2015 and really enjoy supporting others in their journey on firsts and PRs!

My goal on this blog is to not only keep myself accountable to my running/goals, but hopefully to inspire others, particularly those who may feel overwhelmed with everything going on in their life and how could they possible find the time to run/workout.

By no means do I think that I am THAT busy. I know parents (single parents especially) and many more with demanding professions have much less free time than I, but I still hope to offer support!

Enjoying the beautiful weather in Chicago after packet pick-up for Rock ‘n Roll  2016