Out with the Old in with the New!


Well, the year is about over and it’s time to welcome a new one. With new years, new goals typically come forward. I’m one who likes to believe that each day is a new chance to make a change and start fresh, but I do enjoy the good ol’ New Year’s Resolutions. This time, I’m doing the Triple F Focus: Fitness, Financial and Fun

Fitness is both the physical activity and my diet, I’m pretty good with one, not the other. I have mileage goals, 2,017 to be exact (split between mostly running and some cycling). I would like to achieve a personal record in the marathon distance and begin work on reaching my personal record in the half marathon — though I know it’s not too likely to happen within the next 12 months, but maybe. Maybe if I can focus on the more important goal of healthy diet. I am going to accomplish eating better with these steps:

First, reduce. Reduce the junk. Less sweets, smaller portions and generally not going for fast food as much as I had this past year or two. I’m not going to 100% cut all this out, because seriously what is life without ice cream? Just as long as it’s not every day, not massive servings and I’m “earning” it with a good, hard workout too.

Second, increase. Wait, what? You just cut back. But this time it’s increasing the good stuff….or more specifically the good-for-you stuff. Tons more veggies, more fruit and more seafood <— I really like the sound of that! Just need a reminder that all-you-can-eat sushi isn’t exactly on this list.

Third, well third is mostly just to continue to repeat #1 and #2, but I’d say I also would like to learn to cook. I need a wider range of options besides cereal.(only slightly exaggerating). Possibly a bigger kitchen if this should happen. I’ve also wanted to do more legit meal prep. These will all be the icing on the cake, the carrot cake. The pile of carrots….you get the point! Just some bonus goals if I can master the first two.

Financial is pretty straight forward. I simply MUST follow a budget. Also part of this relates to my second job. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks, being overwhelmed with two jobs and wanting to quit. Do I need the side job, not really. But it does make life a bit easier. Instead of quitting I have decided to make good use of my side job. I am going to work a minimum of 12 hours per month for my needs and 3 hours pay per month will be donated to charity. If I can donate more, I will. I am also going to tie this in with the fun & fitness by organizing at least one monthly run that will collect donations for a charity.

Fun sounds easy enough, but when you work two jobs and place a high priority on your hobby (running) there isn’t much time for other stuff. Luckily my running groups help keep the running a social activity a lot of the time, but I do want to re-connect with others doing things other than running.  Reducing the hours I work at my second job will also help. I’ve been doing 20 – 30 hours a month, so I’m gaining a decent amount of free time by cutting back to 15. I will also be working on scheduling my regular job a little better, maybe not working EVERY weekend so I don’t miss out on too much.

This sounds like a lot even for just three topics and to accomplish it, I can’t try to do it all at once. Planning and baby steps. I also find putting up reminders of goals in places to be helpful. For the last 2-3 years I use my work log-in password as key reminders for things to do or goals, such as eatmoreveggies or sub2half …these passwords have expired, so don’t bother trying them!

I also have a slight, ok major, addiction to calendars and planning. I write out my mileage plans and fitness classes and I need to start adding food/meal plans and putting more well-rounded social activities on my calendar, but not to overdue it. My biggest problem with this is trying to plan EVERYTHING like seriously, the entire year out. Pulling myself back to maybe just focusing some things in the longer term and most just for the next couple of days.

Bring it 2017!


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