‘Tis the Season

While winter technically doesn’t start until Dec 21st, winter weather is upon us – well at least here in the Midwest. And I hate it!


Maybe it doesn’t get quite THIS cold, but it sure does feel like it must be and a lot of the last week has been windy so it’s been extra fun to run outside. The not-so funny thing is, it’s only going to get colder, since ya know, winter hasn’t REALLY started yet.

Cold weather running sucks. If you need reasons why, watch this vlog I couldn’t agree more!

Things I recommend for winter running & staying motivated:

  1. Get your gear ready the night before. If it’s already out you are more likely to use it.
  2. As always, signing up for races helps. Even if it’s just a short race you could do sans any training, you’ll at least get out for the race, right?
  3. Buy a new piece of gear, unless you are like me who has obscenely too much stuff, a new item might help you get excited about using it. At least you can never have too many shoes.
  4. If you really need motivation call a running buddy and have the accountability to meet someone somewhere. Solo runner? Find a running store that has a weekly group run and go to that, you don’t necessarily have to run with someone, but it’s something to get you to go to. (Bonus, some stores might even have incentives to coming often, a local store here offers $20 store credit every 10 group runs you attend SWEET!)
  5. Find an indoor option. I absolutely HATE treadmills, or as I call them dreadmills. However, as I’m trying to do heart rate training, the thought of walk breaks in frigid temps is not exactly appealing, so I’m sucking it up and hitting the hamster wheel of boredom. It isn’t all that bad and will help if you don’t have the winter running gear.
  6. Bonus tip, follow Nike’s lead and JUST DO IT. You will thank yourself later. As they say, summer bodies are made in the winter! We are less than 200 days away from summer!!


‘Tis also the holiday season…


I probably can just stop with that, but I need to call myself out…again, still? Not sure, but whatever, I just know that I’m not going to get anywhere unless I can contain my eating habits properly. The holidays are not going to help. Cookies, fudge, pies and did I mention fudge?

My goal is to try to tackle healthy eating a little at a time. My first plan is to map out my eating for the week. I may not have enough time for the meal prep you probably see filling your Instagram feed, but I can make a mental note and do some prep – making hard boiled eggs and filling up pre-portioned sizes of my snacks. If I can work on getting my eating at least 50% better, than that is progress and I will be able to keep making improvements.

Time and money are probably my biggest road blocks to eating better. Followed jointly with lack of will power and the fact that my sweet tooth turned the rest of my mouth into a cult of sugar-craving monsters. Or maybe I somehow did that to myself. I don’t know.

So hand-in-hand with this goal is to budget my money and time better. If I budget my money better I can quit my second job and thus have more time. Which I don’t really need the job anyway, but it’s a nice way to justify a purchase — new shoes, sure I can pick up an extra shift at my other job. Then I wonder why I haven’t been to the grocery store in 4.5 weeks because I’m just too exhausted and haven’t eaten a piece of fresh fruit or veggies in over a month…everything is tied together!

I have goals and I am going to reach them, with plans that start right NOW!



One thought on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Enjoyed your post!! I’m also a Midwesterner bracing for the chilly winter. It’s not even winter yet and it’s just so cold!! I started using Myfitnesspal again to help me stay on track with the upcoming holidays. I figure I’ll track as closely as I can during the week and leave myself a little extra room for weekends/holidays.


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