November Confessions



First of all, how is it November already? Geez where does time go?!?!

Anywho, my November Confession:



How is this possible? I ran 93 miles in October. I ran three half marathons in October.

Oddly enough, running, particularly marathon training can cause weight gain. Don’t believe me, read other reports!


The bad part is, I’m not marathon training, and I haven’t been since wrapping up training on Chicago 2015 — yes LAST fall!  When I ran my first the year prior (RnR STL ’14) I picked up some bad habits of justifying eating an entire pizza because I ran 16 miles. Now I’m eating just as much, without “earning” it. That must stop.

I don’t really weigh myself too much, oddly enough I always seem to be at the same weight give or take 3-5lbs. However, I can not only see my issues, but I can feel it in my running/fitness activities and in the way clothing fits, err, doesn’t fit so well anymore.


So here I am, putting this out into the universe, I would like to get back on the lower end of the weight range my scale spits out at me.(Which I’d say is losing 5-10lbs) But more than the numbers it reads, I want to feel the improvement in my performance and how my clothing fits, because let’s face it, I can’t afford to buy any new clothing!

First up will be cutting out the crap in my diet and adding more healthy options.

Second will be adding some of the workout routines I was doing 2.5 years ago.

Lastly, I know part of my issue is revolved around stress – so I need to find some ways to get that in check as well.

Working two jobs can be tough, but if I map everything out, I think I will survive this holiday season!




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